I am a Mexican living in New York who is obsessed with bread, dogs and dancing till I drop.


I am still waiting for my  Hogwarts acceptance letter, maybe the owl got lost on the way?

Do you agree that there is more to the world than Europe?



I love traveling, especially  to Europe but recently Miriam convinced me that other places in the world exist.


I really enjoy staying active, and cooking. 

If the food wasn’t amazing, how could we have come this far?

Please let me know if you know any interesting recipes!


As soon as we laid eyes on each other, something clicked. Everyone says that when you know, it just feels different, and that’s exactly how it was between us. Our love story has been a journey of food and travel. From BBQ’s to Berry picking ,wine tasting and beer sampling we have merged our lives together And now - twenty wine tastings, nine BBQ´S, countless trips and even more dates later - we’re thrilled to take the first step in building a future together. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!